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About me
Upstate New York Wedding and Family Photographer 

Hey there! My name is Vanessa Kelso, owner of Kelso Photography servicing in the Upstate New York.  I hope you have enjoyed some of my pictures you have viewed and are thinking about hiring me for your special event.

I have been doing photography since I was a young girl. My very first frame worthy photo was of the rocky sea side of Maine (where I am from) 20 years ago. I then started to take photos of my friends very frequently. My room as a teenager was filled of photos I had taken.

It wasn't until my husband Brian and I moved to Colorado where I bought my first dslr camera and opened up my services to people other than my friends and family. I then had our daughter 2 years later. Having our daughter, I realized taking photos that tell stories rather than posed was something I was truly passionate about. I strive to tell a story at each photo session I do. The little details of you interacting with your family is what I absolutely love doing. I will strive to capture those fleeting moments.

Please feel free to send me a email, or contact me on facebook Kelso photography, instagram @kelsophotos if you would like more information.



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located in Wahiawa Hawaii



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"Photography has taught me to capture every moment as fleeting. Our planet moves on. It Evolves. It changes. And tomorrow is always going to bring me something new" -Darren Jew

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